Ludo STAR App Reviews

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It’s a sick game helping stupid ones to win

Loving it



Good game

Ludo hmm

This game is awesome but it cheat at time at least that how I feel about it lol don’t take my word for it


Why it doesn’t work on android?? Please i need answer


Game cheats in cheats management failed😎🤙🏻

sound issues

even when i uncheck the "sounds" option in settings, it still plays sounds in the game when i have earphones in & i cant play music while playing ludo!! fix this asap please

Best Game

It’s the the best game ever to play when you need to entertain yourself.


جميل جداً

Hacking the game

Lots of players are hacking and controlling the game... cannot you do anything and stop it !!!! Thanks

Love this app

I love Ludo game since I was a kid and I am addictive to this app!



sound needs fixing

Good game but sound is always on. Even when you turn it off from options, even if phone ringer is off. Super annoying

Game is fun but rigged

I like playing this game but don’t like the harassment by the other men players. Really think that a block should be added.


The game is rigged. The dice roll logic needs to be fixed so that the game is and at least feels neutral.


It’s a amazing game. Also a great way to find new friends.

This game ain’t true !

Cheating over who have to win ! I was playing “ Quick “ I unlock it and was inside they put me out and I lost

A stupid game like its founder

A stupid game like its founder

Ludo game

It has been very interesting and good game . I thoroughly enjoy it !!!!

I love this game fire

I love Luda star is my favorite game amazing game



ممتازه جدا هذي اللعبه

ممتازه جدا هذي اللعبه

في البيت

ممتاز وجميل حينا كنت في السادسه من عمر الخامسه ذهبت للراربعه فااذا بي في الثانيه اسبح في الاولاء

Trash game

I played for so long every game I get always 1 never get 6 and always 2 people using the game to date and waste a lot of the time


This game is pretty fun and addictive to play but it’s mad fake. No matter how good you’re or much more strategic but some games you will still lose cause of its auto setup. Like they will give more sixes to People who plays more often or the top players will automatically win


everyone using trick to get 6 so plz stop that .lets play fare game with luck

سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

احرصوا على صلاوتكم في اوقاتها اللهم بلغت اللهم فاشهد استغفر الله العظيم دائما وابدا الي يوم الدين لا اله الا انت سبحانك اني كنت من الظالمين

Decent App

The algorithm for the dice roll is kind of predictable. Overall decent app to play on.

Worst game







It’s cool

Super Game

LUDO star is my favorite game. Superman is the best,No one can beat me. Meet people around the world and make friends. Regards, Superman23232

Best Game for me

Best Game for me

Samething wrong need to fixed

Best game for ever,real game I loved


Love the real feel and being able to play with up to 4.

لعبة ممتعه

ممتعه جداً

One of the worst games i’v ever played

I really hope that app store focus on deleting this kind of games

good 👍🏻


This app is scamming me

I really like this game a lot, but lately anytime I buy gems, it is charging my Visa card 2 times for $8.99...Also the gems I use double every game are being used... I tried emailing Ludo Star and sending them a message on Facebook, but no one will answer me. I wish someone could help me. After these gems are finished I will have to delete this app because I can’t resolve this. If someone from Ludo Star could contact me I’d appreciate it.






very good

Best game ever!!!

Love it. It’s addictive and fun. 😀

لعبه ممتازة رووووعه

حلوه جدا فيها تسلية ومتعه👍

One sided.

If you get lucky to get the first couple good shot then you will definitely win the game if not then just quite because the player who gets first sixes will get sixes till the end of the game and the other player will keep getting ones and twos. Most stupid and f**** game ever.

هذا التعليق للعرب فقط

اللعبة جداً جداً سيئة و واضح انها تجارية بحتة ومالها علاقة بالترفيه وهذا واضح من طريقة البرمجة تخيلوا انتوا لعبة صارلها سنة بدون تحديث .!! نصيحة يا أخوان ، لحد يدفع فلوس فيها اعتمدوا على شير الفيسبوك بخصوص المجوهرات ترى اللعبة مضروبة وفوق هذا لعبة تجارية لا فيها حظ ولا احتراف انا مستوى ١٤٧ يعني من اول ما انزلت اللعبة وانا العبها وعارف نظامها شنو بالضبط .

Best game

Best time wasting game ever



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