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Add more rules.....Bull sheet game

Please add some more rules and free from luck ,lets play on talent otherwise it’s a bull sheet computer game ..................what ever you are doing it’s for using gems that’s means hooking people to buy gems it’s a mean business policy nothing els . Real business policy is some thing els............And 2nd thing if you earn from people through this game then you should let people earn through this game also................Remember you are not selling the game you are using the game......................devil ness.

Nice game

I like it, Nice game

لعبة الزهرة

جميلة وممتعة جداً

Interesting game

I really love it <3


Hackers have hacked this game. You can’t win against them. Please ensure proper gameplay for everyone.

Good game with bad design

It is fun and addictive. I love the fact that you can’t be cheated but there are a few things that isn’t right with the game. The number 6 is supposed to be superior to other numbers and I don’t see the reason why someone would sit in your door and you can’t kick them out with 6+. I played it differently while growing up and it made it fun. I mastered the trick to this game and how often you can get a 6. Let’s just say that there’s so much fun to be done.


The best gram

Sniper 65

I need cems please

Nice game

Nice game


Nice 100/100 😍👍🏼 Very Very Good ♥️

Fack game & a lot of hacks

No logic at all, you pass the others and they get the same number to hit you again and again no logic at all, no random numbers and you can figure that after playing it, also seek for hackes in you tube to get 6 many times.. i could not enjoy it..


Nice game


Great game

It is a stupid third class game.

The makers of this game are morons. They are insane and don't know a bit of logic. Never get this crappy game. IT IS A HUGE SCAM!




I’m just getting ready for the weekend






تحس مو حظ الا يطلع

Good game

Good game



My opinion

There should be a replay button so others can continue the game.


I love this game, its so much fun, especially with friends or family if you play with together and its even more fun when you play with a friend and you partner up! I would give this game five stars.

Need these

Love Ludo

اللعبه جميلة

اتمنى اضافتي على السناب و الاستمتاع بالمحتوى abu-rakan00



Best entertainment

Best entertainment app ever

Good game

I like this game

No caption needed.

I’m loving this game,


Matha nosto, sob pagol hiya jabo

لعبة رايقه

لعبه رايقه

من أفضل الألعاب

يستحق التحميل

not bad

not bad


Very good

Awesome game


The luck in the game is bad

PLZ review the dece pulls

Bad luck & bad game👎

Bad luck & bad game👎

Good 👌🏼

Interesting game needs to think right with a little bit of luck 😌

Love it

Amazing game ❤️

All bast

All new vorsan


جدا رائعة روعه

Worst game Delete

I think this game is worst ludo game ever.Controlling system is very funny I don't know in which method the developer followed..Everything is depend on luck oh no!!!! Undo system kill the fun😡😡😡😡


When your time will be eaten, you won’t realize! :p Nice game.


Coding is not so efficient. So once one starts having 6's other gets nothing. So no equal opportunity for players. Needs improvent.

Ok weeyi

Game kani


Good game


Very Well Game I will Eat You 😂😂😂😂

جدا ممتاز


Amazing and interesting game

I improved my playing skills 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Love it

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