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Hard game(:


They favor top players. Tried many times that top players get a lot of 6s and they get saved before they get cut. Moreover they get a lot of options to cut you. App UI and UX are awesome. But they need to fix their logic.

Good game

Good game top 112



Best game

My wife and friends and myself love this game





Game is very “rigged”

As stated by everyone else, fun to play but online play is rigged. You will loose no matter what you roll if the other player spends money on in-app purchases. Players are favored by receiving high rolls and 6’s as well as the number needed to take another player out. It gets ridiculous at times. You can have three pieces home and your opponent that has none, will suddenly roll only high and repeatedly take you out. Really frustrating if you want to play an honest game. Disappointed in the app and the App Store for allowing cash apps to function like this. Not worth playing on this app, just play the old fashioned way.

Good App

Really enjoying this app

Good I like it

Nice game..

Good game

I like this application it amazing.



Game comment

Really it’s a Nice game . But i got a small bundle of gems.If possible Please give me some extra Gems. Please give me some extra gems. If it’s possible I buy gems.Please take care this request as a consider manner. Thanks Admin Ludu Star




Very good


We can't send dice! It's not working anymore??? Do we have to be Pakistani to send and get dice???



Unfair game

Unfair game that’s all..

Great time killer

Loved it!!!


Goooog blly

very poor game

Change game name to Ludo Six 😂 or Ludo Clock 😂

Good game 3

Good game 3




20 قيم خسران هذا مو عدل سيئة جدآ




Worst game


أتمنى لكم التوفيق


Its really nice game



لعبة مسلية و روعة

جميلة وممتعة جداً


اغبياء و اكبر نصابين مرتين يسحبون فلوسي اول مرة كان عندي ٦١ مليون و هالمرة ١٧٤ مليون سرقوهم كلهم و تركولي مليونين و لم راسلتهم قالوا هكر و رجعنا فلوسك و مارجعوا شي موقع فاشل Losers they are stole ur money

Best game time pass


Gems got stolen

Fun game but all my gems were gone suddenly. There is either a glitch or my profile got hacked. This is my second review and this time I am dropping one more star. My gems got stolen again. Ludo Star owes me 475 gems now.

Time pass

Ok game


The game is fun but if you’re American people won’t stay in the room with you. The developers need to remove the flags all together.

لعبه ممتعه .. شكراً

لعبه ممتعه شكراً لعبه ممتعه ... شكراً ..🌺






❤️❤️ لعبة جميلة

I love this game

I love this game and it’s addictive. I play it almost everyday. One thing I hate is that I find some man harassing me, talk dirty, disrespectful and if you don’t talk back they get angry and talk very bad. And they quit the game. How can i report these tupe of players? Because it can be very annoying. And some are really nice people.






Not bad

good game

nice game


On the top the best game 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Regards


The best game apps no doubt. Keep it up & best of luck. Robin from Chittagong, Bangladesh. iPhone X (User)

Great time killer

I love this game because we can active our mind and we have to play game and we have confidence that we won the game.......... but one complain I have that why you don’t give this game on play store because first I download this but my phone was reset that this game isn’t in my phone and then I search it on play store but it never come on plat store and I request you game berry please give us this game on play store this is my favorite game I request that please give this game on play store i wanted to play again this game ............ please give this game on play store I love this game. If you give me this game I will be very happy and thankful to you .......Thank you

The complaint

The game was bought for $ 38 and I did not get the jewelry

Predictable and Bugs and Rigged.

The aim of this game is to make ANY game a nail-biting-finish kinda game which basically shows that it is computer programmed to insert twist and turns and decide the throw number everytime a dice rolls. Didnt enjoy after a short time of play. Also, some times a player gets to roll a twice even though they have exhausted their rolls for that particular turn which changes the entire nature of the game. Spending money on buying coins/ gems and then losing them due to such bugs is frustrating. Also, the game tends to support players who have purchased coins and gems. So often noticed that they get throws on the dice which would kill the opponent out of nowhere.



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